Founder & President

Adam Bracken

Adam has been in the fitness and health industry for over 12 years now. He started off when he was 17 years old helping out around a local gym and soon recognized his passion to work in the field. He attended St. Lawrence College in Kingston and received his Fitness and Health Promotion diploma, his CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society of Exercise and Physiology- Certified Personal Trainer), as well as his FRC (Functional Range Conditioning certification). Over the last decade, he has worked alongside numerous clients and professional athletes around the city to help them achieve their goals. He specializes in athletic training and has worked with athletes in a variety of different sports and leagues such as the CFL, OHL, NCAA, ECHL, AHL, and NHL. Adam is a lululemon ambassador and a leader in the sweat community here in Ottawa.


Matt José - Head Trainer & Partner

Sports were a major part of Matt’s life from a young age. As years went on, his passion for sports translated into a passion for fitness. 9 years ago, he entered the fitness industry and has since added to his credentials with CanFitPro, FRC (functional range conditioning) and Cross Fit seminars. Matt believes that anyone can change their fitness level regardless of their current physical condition. His energy and knowledge motivates clients to reach their personal bests while having fun.

Brad Johnston - Head Trainer & Partner

Brad’s passion for training and exercise began as a kid when he competed in a variety of sports including hockey, baseball, rugby, boxing, and Olympic weightlifting. For over 10 years, he has been able to provide knowledgeable and personalized programs for his clients of all ages and abilities with the goal of improving their physical fitness through mobility, strength, and conditioning exercises. Being a certified CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS), level 2 NCCP certified Olympic Weightlifting Competition Development coach, category 4 certified Olympic Weightlifting Technical Official, and FRC (functional range conditioning) certified, Brad has much experience in training clients from many different sports.

Jana Muir

Jana’s love of all things sports, athletics, and fitness related began when she was a kid. She participated in competitive sports most of her life...the big ones being gymnastics, fastball, downhill ski racing and horseback riding. Her passions took her to The University of Waterloo where she completed her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Recreation and Leisure studies. Jana spent 7 years working in the Sports and Athletics Department for the City of Waterloo designing and delivering sports programs before deciding to move back to Ottawa. Jana’s desire to really reach out to help people transform their lives motivated her to change careers and she became certified as a personal trainer in 2005, and has been Personal Training for 13 years. She is CanFitPro and FRC (functional Range Conditioning) certified. Her love and passion for fitness and healthy living, as well has her compassion, patience and empathy has allowed her to do what she loves....and in turn, she genuinely loves what she does. 

Ryan Gilley

RKin., MHSc. FRCms

For Ryan, a love of sports at a young age sparked an interest in exercise. This lead him into a bachelor's degree at the University of Ontario Institute for Technology (UOIT) in Kinesiology, specializing in exercise science. His interest peaked studying human neuromechanics, taking him into a Masters of Health Sciences where he researched the differences between our dominant and non-dominant arms. After registering with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, Ryan began working in the rehab world, designing exercise programs and mediating programs for clients going through the rehabilitation process looking to push their performance in everyday activities and in the gym. Ryan has a strong passion for fitness and health, and knows that anyone can work to maximize their performance. As a RKin, Ryan utilizes movement analysis and the most up to date exercise protocols to ensure the best results, and truly loves what he does.

Chris Muldoon

B.Sc., FRCms, Certified Personal Trainer

Chris joins our team as an extremely successful coach with over 10 years of experience in athletics, health and fitness. His specialization in strength and conditioning, as well as functional mobility, helps clients achieve pain-free performance training. His minimal risk - maximum reward approach to training helps clients achieve their goals without sacrificing results, health or safety. On the rare occasion he’s not in the gym you can find him somewhere in the country with his dog, Whiskey.

Jamie Moir

Jamie has been part of the fitness industry for over 9 years. After attending Algonquin College in Ottawa, she received her diploma in Health and Fitness Promotion. Once completing college she jumped right in the personal training and group fitness field. Jamie specializes in developing fitness programs from individuals, as well as group sessions. Her clientele varies across the fitness spectrum, including everything from seniors rehabilitating to athletic training. While completing her CSEP, SPI and CAN-fit, she continues to broaden her education and is eager to learn new methods of fitness.


Dustin Ross - Head Trainer & Partner

Dustin has progressed into a career of fitness based on his childhood of competitive football and hockey. His passion for team work and personal growth has had him committed to personal training for over 10 years. He attended Algonquin College and received his Fitness and Health promotion diploma, as well as his CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology- certified personal trainer). Dustin is SNI (Sports Nutrition Institute), CanFitPro, and FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) certified. He believes that though the paths may be different, everyone can achieve their goals. Dedicated to his clients, he can create a workout catered to the needs of the individual, to ensure that no matter what their limitations are, they can still achieve their goals.

Andre Signoretti - Head Trainer & Partner

Andre is a passionate, energetic, motivating trainer, who brings a wealth of experience to the Lab. Being a professional hockey player for over 19 years, he knew he wanted to share his passion for fitness and working out. He is a huge believer in having correct technique and form as to prevent injury and get the most productivity from your workouts. Training with some of the top trainers and athletes in the world has provided immense knowledge, along with NSCA-CPT (National Strength and Conditioning Association - certified personal trainer) and FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) certifications. No matter what level you may be (beginner, intermediate or athlete), age, or what injury you may have, Andre will always have a training plan tailored to your specific needs and will get you the results that you’ve always wanted and will bring you to the next level. 

Dominique Hartley 

Growing up, Dominique ("Dom") was a high performance gymnast and had dedicated her life to competitive sports. Following a gymnastics career ending injury, she re-focused her energy and passion towards rehab and getting herself back on her feet and training again. Dom has spent the last 15 years giving back to the athletic community by coaching athletes of all ages ranging from post-operative care to working with Olympians.  She graduated from York University with a BSc (Hons) in Kinesiology and is now completing her 5th and final year in Osteopathic studies. Through her own rehab and training experience, she understands the importance and need for both manual therapy and strength and conditioning to help her clients achieve their goals. Her ultimate goal is to give people that work with her the freedom to move pain free and achieve high levels of performance. 

Matt McGuire

Matthew is a new, young, and eager trainer here at TFL. After being involved in the fitness industry his entire life due to playing competitive hockey, including AAA and Jr, he has decided to pursue a job as a personal trainer. He is in his last semester at Algonquin College enrolled in Fitness and Health Promotion, on his way to becoming a certified CSEP Personal Trainer and NFLA group fitness instructor. Matt is excited to use his education learned in class, in the real world.

Laura-Marie Bianconi 

Born and Raised in Ottawa, Laura-Marie has been a passionate athlete for as long as she can remember. Being a student athlete in high school playing multiple sports lead to her being a member of the Womens Ice Hockey Team at Carleton University.  Graduating with her degree Psychology, Laura-Marie transfered her knowledge and passion for health and fitness into her career. Working with the City of Ottawa and other fitness gyms she has had many fitness, and recreational roles such as hockey instructor, skating coach, ball hockey referee, sports coordinator and manager within the last 6 years. Laura-Marie is a certified personal trainer, group instructor, mobility specialist helping individuals, groups and competitive sports teams succeed. She continues to show her love for physical activity by playing for the Ottawa National Women’s Ball Hockey Team and other competitive sports.


Olivia Zoobkoff

Olivia discovered her love for fitness through sports at a young age. She played competitive soccer and ringette for many years. With this she found a love in fitness and health and wanted to share it with others. She became certified through CanFitPro and has been working with individuals to achieve their goals ever since. Olivia believes that anyone can do anything that they put their mind to, sometimes all it takes is having someone to remind them. 

Ian Stirling

At TFL, Ian is able to combine two of his passions — fitness and helping others reach their potential. His love for fitness began while training for hockey at a young age and has be a major part of his life ever since. Ian obtained his BSC in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph, and applies his education to each member/client to ensure safe training and proper movement patterns. As a CanFitPro certified Personal trainer, Ian has over 10 years of personal training experience, specializing in weight loss, injury rehab, and sport-specific training. Ian enjoys every minute of being in the gym and would love to help you reach your own fitness goals. When he’s not at the gym, Ian is either working as a Paramedic or on the golf course!

Cassie Roeske


Manager of Client Experience

Riley Falconer

Riley is a positive driving force for our clients of the Fitness Lab. He is a burst of encouragement as soon as our members walk in, and is always determined to make someone's day. Riley has been involved with TFL for several years, and has been such an asset to our team. Be sure to say "Hi" to Riley if you come in for a Saturday morning workout!

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