The Met/Con class is our bread and butter! If you don't want to sweat, this class is not for you! Met/Con is meant to burn fat and build lean muscle through high intensity exercise.

Our Met/Con class is a combination of cardio, core and muscular endurance that you won't find anywhere else. We combine body weight and functional movements in a circuit style using equipment such as TRX, rowers, dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, spin bikes and much more to ensure you get the best workout you've had in years.

Length: 50 Minutes


This program has been created, tested and implemented by Founder and Owner, Adam Bracken, who, over the past 12 years has worked alongside elite and professional athletes to perfect our four-phased athletic approach: 


Phase 1 - General Prep

Phase 2 - Hypertrophy (Strength)

Phase 3 - Power and Speed

Phase 4 – Conditioning


Each phase lasts between 4-6 weeks and has its own primary focus depending on the athlete and the sport. This program is done in small groups of 3-6 athletes based on age and skill level to ensure a competitive and suitable environment in each and every session.


Aspects of this program can also be delivered and applied in a larger group setting (up to 27 participants) over the duration of several team sessions. 


Our Yobility class is something we are very proud of and strongly encourage our members to incorporate it into their weekly routine. We have geared Yobility toward the everyday client that resistance trains but does not take enough time to stretch and mobilize. This class was inspired by FRC practice (Functional Range Conditioning) to increase mobility development, joint strength and body control. Yobility begins with 30 mins of foam rolling and self massage. The next 45 mins are spent working on full body mobility. In a Yobility class, your body will be put into mobile positions using the help of resistance bands, benches, yoga blocks etc. Positions may be held for upwards of 2 mins, in order to train the body through endurance and resistance.

Length: 50 Minutes


Our strength class has two goals: it is intended to build muscle and build strength. The focus of the strength class is on proper technique and posture.

The first 10-15 mins of each class will focus on mobility, while the next 40 mins will consist of resistance training. The final  5-10 mins we will put the class through our "Finisher" (you're going to LOVE it).

This class will be tailored depending on clients specific goals (different sets and reps for different clientele and their goals).

Length: 50 Minutes


Open gym is a time where the client can come in and do his or her own workout. There will be front desk staff there at all times during these hours. This is a great time for the client to work on weaknesses, stretch or to just do something different then the classes!


MOVE-IT was designed for absolutely everyone. After years of examining the fitness industry, the biggest problem we see consistently with clients, is the lack of attention put towards mobility and injury prevention. Mobility is seen as “slow” and “boring” which is why most facilities don’t offer it. 

This 1 hour MOVE-IT class starts with 10 minutes of foam rolling, 20 minutes of stationary mobility work, then we jump into a series of mobility exercises in a circuit style to allow you to keep your heart rate elevated, increase your range of motion, and build strength in your weak areas. This class can be used as a compliment in addition to your daily workouts, on an active recovery day, or a great way to simply start moving for those who are new to exercise. Stretch it, strengthen it, and sweat it out.

Length: 60 Minutes


Our Strong & Mobile class is designed to hit all 3 fundamentals of fitness (mobility, strengthening and conditioning). To begin each and every Strong & Mobile class our instructors will lead you through a series of mobility exercises to work on any problem areas, whether it be tight surrounding muscles, or current or past injuries that are hindering your ability to move optimally. Followed by this, is the strength component, where you will run through 2 mini circuits comprised of 3 exercises (typically, 2 upper body exercises, 2 lower body exercises, and 2 core drills). Lastly, we’ll end with conditioning work, taking you through 3-6 impact free endurance exercises to improve your cardiovascular system. Strength training and metabolic conditioning can be helpful in reducing the risk of osteoporosis, high blood pressure/blood sugar, central adiposity and several other chronic diseases as we age. 

Length: 50 Minutes