x 3-4 sets

1 A) front lunge / back lunge x10/8/6

1 B) 1 push-up, 12 wide MC x14/12/10

1 C) jumping jacks x40/35/30


x 3-4 sets

2 A) knee drive w hop x16/14/12

2 B) side plank knee in x14/12/10

2 C) fast feet on and off x24/20/16

x 3-4 sets

3 A) fast skates side to side x40/36/32

3 B) plank tap outs front x28/24/20

3 C) jump squats (low jumps)  x24/20/16


KB swing x20

fire hydrant x20

single leg sit squat x10

side plank hip abductions x15

x 3-4 sets

1 A) pulse squats, air squats, squat jump x20/15/10

1 B) side to side push-ups on step x16/14/12

1 C) MB Russian twist x10/10/10


x 3-4 sets

2 A) ski jacks x28 / split lunge x14

2 B) fast feet (L) x15 / MC's x20 / Fast Feet (R) x15

2 C) leg raise to toe touch x1/1, 2/2/ all that way to 6/6 

x 3-4 sets 

3 A) MB lateral lunges x12/10/8

3 B) MB toe taps x20
3 C) kglute march x20

Finisher: x3

alt. leg extensions x20

side plank dips x15 per side

reverse crunch x10 w 3 sec eccentric 

plank walk out x5 with 5 sec hold 


x 3-4 sets

1 A) drop squat x30/28/26

1 B) floor jacks x30/25/20

1 C) ski jacks x35/30/25


x 3-4 sets

2 A) jumping split lunge x28/24/20

2 B) ;eg raiseL-R-Both x12/10/8

2 C) crossover step x36/32/28

x 3-4 sets

3 A) straddle step fast feet on and off x20

3 B) crossbody MC's x20
3 C) toe taps x20



x 3-4 sets

1 A) rear foot elevated split squat x12 per side

1 B) t push-up x12 reps 

1 C) dead bug crunch x12 per side


x 3-4 sets

2 A) rear foot elevated good morning x12 per side

2 B) side plank with hip abduction x12 per side

2 C) seated leg lift x12 per side 

x 3-4 sets

3 A) single leg hip thrust x12 per side

3 B) table top hip abduction x12 per side 
3 C) left/right/both leg raise x12 

Finisher: x5

jumping jacks x20

plank jacks x20

high knees x20 per side

mountain climbers x20 per side


x 3-4 sets

1 A) squat/curtsy/curtsy lunge x12/10/8

1 B) spider-man push-ups

1 C) leg climbs x10


x 3-4 sets

2 A) 1 ½ Bulgarian lunge x12/10/8

2 B) close grip push-ups x16/14/12

2 C) opposite hand/opposite foot toe touches/tuck ups x12/12/12

x 3-4 sets

3 A) jump squat/pulsing squats x15/30

3 B) pillar march/cross MC's x10/20
3 C) fast feet/skaters x20/20


50 slow MC's

40 crunches (hands on quads)

30 bicycle crunch (left/right is one)

20 front plank taps (left/right is one)

10 single leg raise (single, single, double)


x 3-4 sets

1 A) front lunge to back lunge x12/10/8

1 B) 1 push-ups / 2 rows  x12/10/8

1 C) tuck ups x18/16/14


x 3-4 sets

2 A) low squat hold toe taps x30/26/22

2 B) plank taps to the side x24/20/16

2 C) 1 hurdle high knees x30/28/26

x 3-4 sets

3 A) glute march x24/22/20

3 B) seated knee ins x24/22/20
3 C) hands by side alt. leg extensions x24/22/20

Finisher: x4

standing skates x20

floor jacks x15

standing high knees x10

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